Nikolaj Kulebiakin (born 1959 Russia )
His visual language is the light, “shades of gray”, “perfect blackness”.Things, factures, variations of planes. Plots and genres characteristic of him are still-life, portrait, landscape or simply compositions of objects. There are virtually no manipulations of the images, instead an “atmosphere” is highlighted which is hard to record. There are obvious parallels with the fine arts, literature and cinema – Piero della Francesca, Arseny Tarkovsky, Alain Robbe-Grillet. And, by all means, there is the experience of classical photography. Titles of the series are also original: “The Slow One”, “The Quick One”, “Fragments”, “Momentary Photographs”, “Theatre of Iron”, “Beautiful Books”, “The Conditional and Unconditional One”. We could just as well stop here, by attributing Kulebiakin, who silently, meticulously and stubbornly works in his studio, as belonging among the masters of the passing epoch.